Diversity & ESG


Corporate Statement


March 4, 2023


Diversity & ESG

JMES Diversity Statement

JMES are proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer, we do not discriminate & recognise the strength of a diverse workforce. We invite discussions with people of all nationalities, genders, and cultural backgrounds. All communication is treated with complete confidentiality. We firmly believe that Boards and Executive teams are strengthened by gender, ethnicity and cultural and educational diversity.

JMES promote diversity as an essential characteristic of the most effective and successful teams. We believe diversity is a multivariate attribute that includes race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious, socio-economic, cultural and educational backgrounds. JMES challenge and encourage our clients to consider candidates who introduce varied perspectives and experiences, with the belief that this leads to improved multifaceted results. We are strong believers in supporting potential and talent, challenging our clients to think differently and consider a more holistic pool of candidates.

When managing recruitment processes for our clients, we aim to gain an in depth understanding of clients before commencing a partnership, which is reviewed on an annual basis. This includes companies’ strategy and delivery around diversity & inclusion.

Over the last 5 years over 50% of our placements have been female appointments – from Analyst toManaging Director / Partner / Head of positions – across Banking, Funds Management & AlternativeInvestments, Government and Corporates - with a number making a lateral market move.

At JMES, we are committed to a diverse workforce.

JMES - ESG Statement

Environmental, Social and Governance issues do not exist in a silo – it is about bringing them together under one banner to demonstrate the positive impact our business (and others) is having on the world.

Client Engagement

JMES partners with companies who are at the forefront of talking about their ESG scores and generating more attention from across the business spectrum, and financiers & investors are actively looking for high ESG scoring companies. Client ESG policies help inform and shape our ESG efforts moving forward. This includes reporting, disclosures, business practices, policies, procedures, investments, board activities, stakeholder engagement, and investor relations.

ESG Commitment

JMES strive to build sustainable, equitable, healthy, and diverse communities through a combination of innovative business practises and strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. This commitment informs many aspects of our business, including how we operate our company and collaborate with stakeholders. At the heart of this is a corporate culture that has sustainability at the core of our business operations and values.

Climate Change & The Environment

JMES are committed to driving down our energy and carbon impacts, as we believe that climate change is a significant risk to the world. We encourage our clients to reduce their impact on the environment by recommending the use of more sustainable materials. JMES actively promote a paper-free office. We regularly support our clients to be a digital-first business. JMES seek to comply with current environmental legislation and work to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment.

Social Responsibility

Our focus is to deepen relationships with our key stakeholders by investing in our employees and partnering with our clients, communities, investors and suppliers. JMES are committed to engage with our employees to provide a challenging, dynamic, inclusive and diverse work environment that supports their professional development, as well as promoting a good work-life balance that prioritises their overall health and wellness. We support initiatives that benefit the environment, human welfare and education. We will engage suppliers, clients and employees around safety, health, and wellness.

ESG Impact

ESG is about assessing that net positive impact in the world, and taking concerted, defined and measurable action to improve it. Our value rests in our employees, our clients, candidates and communities, and the broader world. The ethical and practical values that make up the different parts of ESG have always been at the heart of what JMES as a company stand for. With the growth of ESGand the increased awareness of these factors among our key stakeholders, we have a better opportunity to demonstrate how our business makes a positive impact in the world.


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