March 2023

Why now is actually a good time to consider a career move…


Well we seem to be experiencing a bit of, in sailing terminology they call “chop” on the not so smooth waters of the financial markets at the moment which is contributing to a brief hiatus in deal activity in some quarters (reads like a weather report doesn’t it?).

Despite this - many of our clients, the majority of which are well capitalised and take a long term view on the world are still in hiring mode. Some might have raised the entry bar a smidgen and taken their foot of the accelerator a touch with the pace of process, but their commitment to hire has not and we sense will not waiver.

So why is now a good time to move? Well in such times, it’s only the financially sound with robust business models that tend to add to the bottom line, which is a good haven to head toward and likely a good place to be longer term for ones career prospects. You may also have more time on your hands to both explore options and prepare for interviews, never easy to juggle these alongside a busy work diary. Depending on where you work, it may well be easier to justify “why” you may be looking to a prospective employer and then of course there’s the financial rationale for a move. So those deals you were working on have been parked, any prospective bonus may not be looking quite so healthy or the financial lock-ins you had may not be quite as eye wateringly large as they were.

In such times there tends to be a flight to quality where assets are concerned, seems the same applies to the hiring market - where both candidate and client are concerned. Fortunately for us here at JMES we have plenty of both to keep us busy.

“Movers & Shakers”


Investment Banking

• Ben Adams has joined Barrenjoey as Principal, Corporate Finance from Gresham Partners where he was Executive, Debt Advisory. Jad Nazha has also joined the firm’s Energy, Resources & Sustainability team as a Principal from Morgan Stanley.

• Matthew Helman has joined Jarden as Director, Investment Banking from Woolworths, where he was General Manager, M&A.

• Leo Pinto previously with Goldman Sachs has joined Luminis Partners as Vice President, Investment Banking.

• David Fair previously with RBCCM as Vice President, Power, Utilities & Infrastructure, has joined PwC as a Senior Director.

• Luka Gvozdenovic previously with Jefferies, has joined Credit Suisse as an Investment Banking Associate.

• Brian Lee previously with Macquarie’s FIG team, has joined Stanton Road Partners as an Investment Banking Associate.

• Robert Lister has joined TMT Partners as an Associate from Redwood North where he was an Investment Analyst.

• William Rametta, ex Deloitte Infrastructure & Capital Projects team, has joined ICA Partners as an Investment Banking Analyst.

• Lisa Zhong has joined RBCCM as a Director, from Rothschild & Co, where she was Associate Director, Utilities Transport & Infrastructure. Andrea Callegari has also joined the team from Credit Suisse as Vice President, Energy & Infrastructure. Mitch Molloy, ex Deloitte Senior Analyst M&A Valuations, has joined as Investment Banking Analyst.

• Katie Hudson has joined Miles Advisory Partners as Senior Analyst, Investment Banking from Ernst & Young’s M&A Lead Advisory team.

Corporate Banking / Debt Products

• Kim Nguyen has joined Westpac as Director, Industrials from Commonwealth Bank where she was Director, NBFI Client Solutions.

• Greg O’Keefe, ex SMBC & BNP Paribas, has joined Mizuho as Director, Client Credit.

• Paul Keys has joined ING as Director, Loan Capital Markets. Paul has prior experience with Commonwealth Bank & GE.

• Domenic Maiuolo previously with DBS Bank has joined Standard Chartered Bank as Associate Director, Real Estate Finance.

• Lisa Yan & Eric Deng have joined DBS Bank as Assistant Vice President, Project Finance and Senior Associate, Project Finance respectively. Lisa has prior experience with NAB, whilst Eric previously worked for ANZ.

Global Markets, Equities & Treasury

• James Byrne has returned to Citi to take on the role of Head of Australian Energy & Utilities Research. Prior to this he was CFO of Baby HQ.

• Emma Quinn joins Cboe Australia in the role of President. Prior, she worked with AllianceBernstein in Hong Kong & Sydney.

• Harald Eikeland has been appointed as Head of Syndicates with RBCCM. He joins from ANZ where he was Director, Debt Syndicate. Elsewhere, Garry Diakos has also joined the firm as Director, Sales Trader from Goldman Sachs.

• Danielle Lavars has been appointed as Co-Head of DCM with ING. Danielle has prior experience with Commonwealth Bank as Head of DCM Asia. Ryan Hatami previously with NAB as Director, Corporate & Institutional Markets has joined also joined ING as Director, Financial Markets Sales.

• Alastair Hunter previously of Balanced Equity Management & Goldman Sachs, has joined Ord Minnett as Head of Institutional Research.

• Matthew Monaghan, ex Nomura has joined Commonwealth Bank as Director FI & Rates Sales.  


Private Equity / Family Office / Venture Capital

• Gareth Woodbridge previously of KKR, has joined Quadrant Private Equity as Managing Partner & Johnny Zhang also joins the team as a Partner in its Growth Fund from Navis Capital Partners. Whilst Adrian Cullen previously Head of Sustainability with Woolworths Group, has been appointed as Head of ESG. Melissa Lok of Advent Partners, has also joined as an Associate Director.

• Nick Speer of The Riverside Company, has been appointed as Partner & Country Head with Affinity Equity Partners.  

• Kieran Mathivanar previously with Greenstone Partners, has joined Elanor Investors Group as Director, Investments.

• Ravi Jeyaraj who has prior experience as Australia Head, Private Equity with Partners Group, has joined Tanarra Capital as Head of Private Equity.

• Mark Chudek is rejoining Affinity Equity Partners from Quadrant Private Equity where he was most recently an Investment Director.

• Sarah Azzi has been appointed as Director, Private Equity with Future Fund from Anacacia Capital where she was Investment Director.

• George Squibbs, ex L.E.K. Consulting, has joined Whiteoak as an Investment Manager.

• Nick Stafford previously of Advent Partners, has joined Intermediate Capital Group as an Associate Director, Private Equity & Structured Capital.

• Awais Khan has joined TDM Growth Partners team as an Investment Associate from Wesfarmers. Steven Solomon has also joined the investment team from Uber, where he was Enterprise Partner Manager, ANZ.

• Teleri Hollis has joined Adamantem Capital as Director, Private Equity Fundraising from CVC Credit Partners in London. Enrico Dela Rosa (ex L.E.K Consulting) & Paris Henkel (ex AustralianSuper) have also joined the firm as Investment Associates.  

• Jasmine Head previously with ANZ where she was Manager, Corporate Advisory, has joined Minderoo Foundation as an Investment Associate.

• Adam Goldschmidt has joined OIF Ventures as an Investment Analyst from UBS’ TMT team.

• Jake Hum, ex Catheon Gaming & Partners in Performance, has joined Arcus Partners as an Investment Associate.

• Morgan Ovenden previously with UBS as an Investment Banking Analyst, has joined Next Capital as an Investment Associate.

• Campbell Thompson has joined EQT Group as an Associate from Citi.  

• Jake Gee previously with Colinton Capital Partners, has joined CVC Capital Partners as an Investment Executive.

• Ash Kamalainathan previously Principal at Barrenjoey has joined Blackstone as an Associate. Cathy Zhao also joins the team as an Analyst from Goldman Sachs.

• Annabelle Horwood, ex Bain Capital, has joined Advent Partners as an Investment Associate.

• Tai Tomozawa previously with Goldman Sachs’ leveraged finance team, has joined PAG as an Associate.

• Saskia Saunders has joined Roc Partners as Analyst, Investments from Ernst & Young.

• Nishil Patel, ex Perpetual, has joined Crescent Capital Partners as an Investment Analyst.

• Tom Crowhurst previously with BGH Capital, has joined L1 Capital as an Investment Analyst.

• Evelyn Zhang has joined EVP as an Investment Analyst from Strategy& where she was an Associate.

Infrastructure / Renewables / Credit / Real Estate

• Phil Schofield has joined Pengana Capital in the new role of Managing Director, Capital Markets, he has prior experience with Canaccord & Patersons Securities. Nehemiah Richardson has also joined the Pengana Capital team from Latitude Financial Services.

• Simon La Greca, Partner & Head of Infrastructure Debt Asia with Ares SSG, has joined QIC as Head of Private Debt. Patrick Bullock has also joined the QIC team as Associate, Global Infrastructure from Westpac where he was Senior Associate, Project Finance.

• Antoine Pfirsch has joined amicaa as Managing Director, Private Debt from Realside Financial Group.

• Kriti Madan has been appointed as Investment Director with Pacific Equity Partners from Norhtleaf Capital Partners where she was Vice President & Head of Renewables Europe. Alexander Iannuzzi previously with Jefferies, has also joined the team as an Associate. William Chen has joined PEP’s Capital Solutions arm from Aura Group.

• Benedetta Cursi has joined Wollemi as an Associate Director. She has prior experience with Green Investment Group & Macquarie’s Infrastructure & Energy Group.

• Nick Janes who was Senior Credit Analyst with Coolabah Capital Investments, has joined Archibald Capital as an Investment Manager.

• Berkeley Liu has joined amicaa as an Associate Director from CIP Asset Management where he was an Investment Associate.

• Bryce Freeburn, ex AMP Capital where he was Senior Associate, Infrastructure Equity has joined DIF Capital Partners as an Associate.

• Adriel Woo, prior with Bank of America, has joined Regal Funds Management as Associate, Private Credit.

• Caitlin Manzo has joined Epsilon Direct Lending as an Associate from NAB where she was in the DCM & Syndicated Loans team.

• Maxwell Boyd previously Institutional Banking & Markets Associate with Commonwealth Bank, has joined Deutsche Bank as an Associate, Global Financing & Credit Trading.

• Jacqueline Weng has joined Ares SSG as an Investment Analyst from HSBC.

• Henry Pegg previously with Citi, has joined Bain Capital Credit’s team as an Analyst.


Distribution & Advice

• Andrew Kateiva previously Bain Capital Credit’s Managing Director, has joined Partners Group as Head of Institutional & Managing Director, Client Solutions Australia.

• Chris Brookman has been appointed as Head of Distribution & Investor Relations with Tidal Ventures. Chris was previously with Pinnacle Investment Management as Head of Strategic Accounts.

• Bianca Solomons has joined Greystar as Managing Director, Asia Pacific Investor Relations. Bianca was prior with Alceon as Director.

• Andrew Dodds has joined HMC Capital as a Corporate Finance & Investor Relations Manager from Goldman Sachs investment banking team.


• Charlie Lanchester has been appointed as CIO with Hearts & Mind Investments. He was previously Head of Fundamental Australian Active Equities with BlackRock & prior to that he held senior investment roles with Perpetual, Platinum & Schroders.  

• Ludovic Theau, ex Clean Energy Finance, has taken on the role of CIO for Australian Ethical Investment.

• Lloyd Mitchell has been appointed as Head of Fixed Income with Mason Stevens. Lloyd has prior experience with Flag Asset Management as Portfolio Manager & Senior Credit Analyst.

• Andrew Godfrey, ex Mercer, joins Equity Trustees as Executive General Manager, Superannuation.

• Melanie Burnicle previously with Western Sydney Airport, has joined Aware Super as Senior Manager, Asset Governance.

• Vihari Ross has joined Antipodes Partners as a Portfolio Manager from Magellan Financial Group.

• Rubin Rajendram has joined Schroders as a Quantitative Fund Manager, Fixed Income. Rubin has earlier experience with Calypso Technology & Deutsche Bank in London.

• Sue Lyn Stubbs, ex Macquarie Capital, joins Fidelity in the role of Sustainable Investing Analyst.  


• Michael Britton of The Carlyle Group has been appointed as Executive General Manager of Business Development with Wesfarmers, whilst Joel Denney (previously of Fort Street Advisers) joins as General Manager, Business Development & Kathan Sethi (ex Citi New York) has joined the team as Principal.

• Michael Larkin has been appointed as Managing Director & CEO with Treasury Corporation of Victoria. Michael has prior experience as Group Treasurer with Lendlease.

• Jason Willoughby has been appointed as CEO of Squadron Energy. Jason has prior experience with CWP Renewables as CEO.

• Dennis Barnes has been appointed as CEO of Snowy Hydro. Dennis has been CEO of Contact Energy and General Manager, Energy Risk Management with Origin Energy prior to this.  

• Simon Draper CEO of Infrastructure NSW, has been appointed as CEO to the newly formed NSW Reconstruction Authority.

• Damian Cramp previously of Investec, most recently as Senior Risk Officer, has joined Macquarie Group as Division Director, Regulatory Affairs & Aggregate Risk.

• Chris Wilson previously Future Fund’s Head of People & Policy, has joined Madigan Capital as COO.

• Peter Tasevski, ex Cargill in Singapore, has joined Graincorp as Head of M&A based in Sydney.

• Romith Manju has joined Blue Ocean Equities as a Corporate Advisory Executive. He has prior experience with Fenglobal & Teaminvest Private.

• Adam Klasicki has joined Aurecon’s corporate finance team from Deloitte where he was a Manager.

• Alan Stuart-Grant EGM, Strategy & Corporate Development is leaving the role at Ampol, whilst Stephanie Clavijo previously with Rest & Macquarie Group, has joined the company as Manager, Strategy & Corporate Development.

• Sameer Choudhari has joined Endeavour Group as M&A and Strategy Manager from Liverpool Partners.

• Matthew Vaughan prior with GenesisCare, has joined Baillie Lodges as Corporate Development Manager.

• Stefan Piruze has joined Affinity Education Group as a Commercial Associate from Stanton Road Partners where he was an Associate.

• Brendan Ma previously Investment Banking Analyst with Goldman Sachs has joined Immutable as Chief of Staff.

• Daniel Yuan, ex KPMG has joined TCorp as Analyst, Real Assets & Private Markets (Infrastructure).

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